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Extract every Posts, People, Publications & Tags out of a Search on Medium

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Extract every Post, People, Publications and Tags out of a Medium Search.

Medium is an underestimated source of traffic. Readers are avid of new quality content and writers are experts at very niche topics. It's often a place where ideas get tested before being formalized in a book.

This Medium automation can extract all the results of any Medium search: Post, People, Publications or tags.

Combine it with another automation and start building advanced workflows to grow your Medium traffic. For example, extract everyday the latest articles about #marketing. Use this data as an input to Medium Auto Clapper. Everyone writing an article about that topic will see your claps just after they published it and are super likely to read in turn your articles.

1. Create your account.

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* no credit card required

2. Add this automation to your account.

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Easy & safe authentication

This automation will connect to the website on your behalf. The safest and most efficient way for Phantombuster to authenticate as yourself is by using your session cookies.

To make that process as easy as possible you can use Phantombuster's browser extension. It's a 2-click installation.

If you're operating from another browser and/or want to do it manually, here is how to do it.

5. Specify a list of Medium searchs you want to scrape.

Create a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet.

Copy the Medium search URLs you generated by making search on Medium and paste them in your spreadsheet. One URL per row, all in column A.

Make this spreadsheet public so Phantombuster can access it.

Paste the spreadsheet's URL to Phantombuster.

Start your automation!

You're all set. Just click "launch" to get your automation started!

Set this automation on repeat

Once your automation's configuration is ready, you can schedule repetitive launches. This will allow you to avoid rate limits, scrape more data and get your automated workflows to spread over days, weeks, even months.

To do so, go to your dashboard and look for your automation's “Settings” button.

Then, select a frequency:

And Save those new settings at the bottom of the page.

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