Product Hunt Upvoter Extractor

Extract the Product Hunt profiles of every single upvoters of a list of Product

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Scrape the profiles of every single person who upvoted a Product Hunt product.

This Product Hunt automation will extract all the profiles of the users having upvoted one or multiples products.

Once you have that list, use a tool such as Product Hunt Profile Scraper to get more data about those upvoters.

That's super useful if you want pursue further marketing action like retargeting them on Twitter or simply thanking them after your launch.

This Product Hunt automation can help you prepare your Product Hunt like no other tool. It will scrape every piece of public information out of a list of Product Hunt Profiles:

From their names to their Twitter handles, followers and upvotes counts and more. This data is instantly actionable be super useful for taking further marketing action, such as building custom audiences, retargeting, messaging, etc.

1. Create your account.

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* no credit card required

2. Add this automation to your account.

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Specify the Product Hunt profiles you want to extract data from

Create a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet.

Fill it with the Product Hunt profile URLs of the people you need data from. One profile URL per row, all in column A.

Make this spreadsheet public so Phantombuster can access it.

Paste the spreadsheet's URL to Phantombuster.

Start your automation!

You're all set. Just click "launch" to get your automation started!

Set this automation on repeat

Once your automation's configuration is ready, you can schedule repetitive launches. This will allow you to avoid rate limits, scrape more data and get your automated workflows to spread over days, weeks, even months.

To do so, go to your dashboard and look for your automation's “Settings” button.

Then, select a frequency:

And Save those new settings at the bottom of the page.

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