Craigslist Page Scraper

Extract email, phone and every information out of a Craiglist page

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Scrape emails and data from Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest and biggest websites on the Internet. Despite having passed its prime since the rise of web 2.0, it still is a reference for many people.

This API will extract every piece of public information out of a list of Craigslist pages: From all the written data to potential email addresses.

What will you need? ☑️

"Craigslist page or Spreadsheet URL": Choose a specific Craigslist page profile such as or choose an open spreadsheet url with a list of Product Hunt profile URL's.

Which steps to follow?

1. Create an account on 💻

If you haven't already, create a FREE account on Phantombuster.

2. Use this API on your account.👌

Now that you're connected to Phantombuster, Click on the following button to add the API to your account.

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Aim at a specific Craigslist Page URL or several at a time

In the 1st argument field "Craigslist page or Spreadsheet URL" you have to let Phantombuster know which Crigslist pages you'd like to scrape.

  • One at a time: Just fill the form with a Craigslist username, example:

  • Several at a time: Paste the URL of a Google Spreadsheet filled with Product Hunt username and/or Product Hunt accounts URLs on column A

Click on Launch & Enjoy!

It’s done! All that is left to do is to click on "launch" to try your script!

Repetition setup ⚙️

You're all set! Launch the API manually by saving then clicking on Launch.

If you happen to have a lot of pages to extract, you might want to do it over multiple launches.

To do so, simply hit the “Settings” button to define when your API is launched:

Then, select a frequency:

Don't forget to click 💾 Save at the bottom of the page!


This API will output CSV and/or JSON containing the following fields:

  • title (Ads title)
  • postDate (Publishing date)
  • email (Authors' email address)
  • imgUrl (Ads' images URL)
  • content (Text content of the ad)
  • notices (Additional notices)
  • category (Category)
  • pageUrl (URL of the Ad)
  • query (The URL you gave as an input)
  • timestamp (Date of extraction of the above info)

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