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List all profiles that follow Instagram influencers

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Scrape Instagram to extract a list of every followers of one or many Instagram Accounts.

If you want to have more followers on Instagram, you need to know which crowd would be interested in you and your content.

These interesting people are probably already following some influencers or brands.

This API does the hard job of going through a list of Instagram profiles you're interested in and extracts all their followers.

This is the first step in building a follow/unfollow strategy and having more targeted, active, real followers on Instagram. This automation can also be used as a Instagram tracker, keeping a history of your or someone else's Instagram followers list.

Tutorial 🚀

1. Create your account.

Free trial for 14 days. Then switch to a Free plan or become a customer.


* no credit card required

2. Add this Instagram automation to your account.

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Easy & safe authentication

This automation will connect to the website on your behalf. The safest and most efficient way for Phantombuster to authenticate as yourself is by using your session cookies.

To make that process as easy as possible you can use Phantombuster's browser extension. It's a 2-click installation.

If you're operating from another browser and/or want to do it manually, here is how to do it.

5. Specify who's followers you want to scrape.

Create a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet.

Fill it with Instagram profile URLs. One profile URL per row, all in column A.

Make this spreadsheet public so Phantombuster can access it.

Paste the spreadsheet's URL to Phantombuster.

6. Specify how you want to scrape those Instagram followers

Column name from which to get profile URLs: In case your list of input profiles isn't in the first column of your input spreadsheet, write here the name of the input column. Not 'A' but the name on the first row, profileUrl for example.

Number of followers to collect per profile: This is the number of accounts you want to extract per profile in total. If you want to scrape every followers, just leave that field blank.

Number of profiles to process per launch: Each time you'll launch an agent, how many profiles should it scrape? Leave that field blank in order to scrape the whole input spreadsheet.

Name of resulting CSV file: If you want to, you can specify the name of the file you'll be saving all the followers in.

Don't forget to click on 💾 Save before leaving.

Start your automation!

You're all set. Just click "launch" to get your automation started!

Set this Instagram automation on repeat

Once your automation's configuration is ready, you can schedule repetitive launches. This will allow you to avoid rate limits, scrape more data and get your automated workflows to spread over days, weeks, even months.

To do so, go to your dashboard and look for your automation's “Settings” button.

Then, select a frequency:

And Save those new settings at the bottom of the page.


👮 Instagram limits: This API will extract 9000 profiles in about 2 minutes. Instagram will rate limit your to scraping a maximum of 9000 profiles every 15min.
👮 Spreadsheet limits: Know issue: If you try scraping more than 500k followers, the spreadsheet will get too big and take a lot of time to load.
⚙️ Automation recommendations:

  • Reasonable: 9000 profiles per launch * 20 launches per day.


This API will output CSV and/or JSON containing the following fields:

  • profileUrl (Instagram profile URL)
  • imageUrl (Profile picture URL)
  • profileName (Instagram username)
  • fullName (Full name of the person)
  • followedByUser (If you follow that account)

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