Facebook Page Reviews Collector

Extract Reviews from a list of Facebook pages

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Collect reviews from a Facebook Page

What are people saying about you or your business. Better: what are they saying abour your competitors or your inspirations?

Simply make a list of Facebook Pages and extract all their reviews, comments & ratings, automatically.

Start Extracting Facebook Page Reviews in minutes

1. Create an account on Phantombuster.com 💻

If you haven't already, create a FREE account on Phantombuster. Our service will browse the web for you. It’s a website automator which runs in the cloud. Once done we'll follow up.

2. Use this API on your account.👌

We cooked up in our lab a script with first-class attention.
Now that you're connected to Phantombuster, Click on the following button (it will open a new tab).

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Easy & safe authentication

This automation will connect to Facebook on your behalf. The safest and most efficient way for Phantombuster to authenticate as yourself is by using your session cookies.

To make that process as easy as possible you can use Phantombuster's browser extension. It's a 2-click installation.

If you're operating from another browser and/or want to do it manually, here is how to do it.

5. Add a Google Spreadsheet 📑

Below your session cookies you’ll find a Spreadsheet URL field.

Gather in a Google spreadsheet the list of Facebook Page URLs (one link per row).

You can specify the name of the column that contains the profile links. Simply enter the column name in the next text field.
You can also enter a single Facebook page URL directly in the field.

Click on Launch & Enjoy!

It’s done! All that is left to do is to click on "launch" to try your script!


Please be aware that this API will manipulate your own account on your behalf.

Since Phantombuster's servers are located on the west coast of the USA, Facebook might to consider those login attempts as unusual activities. It's likely that they'll then temporarily lock your account and ask you to confirm your login.

In order to use the Facebook APIs to their max potential, we recommend using a proxy close to you.


This API will output CSV and/or JSON containing the following fields:

  • query (The page you gave as an input)
  • timestamp (The time of scraping)
  • message (Body of text of the review)
  • name (Full name of the reviewer)
  • imgUrl (Profile picture of the reviewer)
  • tags (Tags given by the reviewer)
  • postDate (Date of the review)
  • postTimestamp (Timestamp of the date of the review)
  • review (Whether the reviewer recommends the product/service or not)

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