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4 days
of execution time per day

1 TB

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4 hours
of execution time per day

10 GB

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1 hour
of execution time per day

1 GB

120 days free trial
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* Bandwidth susceptible to restrictions in case of abuse.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel, upgrade and downgrade at any time, directly from within this website.

Are payments secure?

Yes. Your credit card information never reaches our servers. Everything is directly handled by Stripe.

Do I own my data?

Yes. You can leave at any time, taking with you your scripts and collected data.

What is meant by "per day"?

Every day at midnight UTC, execution time is reset to 0 for all users.

What is execution time?

It represents the maximum time you can get from our servers. Two agents running for 5 minutes each will count as 10 minutes of used execution time.

Can I get a custom plan?

Maybe! Contact us at