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Automatically comment a list of specific Instagram posts

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Automatically comment a list of Instagram Posts

Automatically commenting in a list of Instagram Posts can be useful in some cases.

At Phantombuster we believe good content and real connection with your followers or influencers is key. But that doesn't mean that used in a creative way or for exceptional reasons an auto-commenter tool can be really useful in automating part of your Instagram strategy.

Like any auto-comment tool, you'll have the possibility of writing numerous comments which will be published ramdomly on each post.

What will you need? ⚙️

  • Spreadsheet URL: The link of a Google Spreadsheet with Instagram posts URLs in one column, a list of messages in another column.
  • Comments: A list of comments that will be published automatically at randon on the posts specified in the spreadsgeet above. Don't use emojis as most of them aren't handled.

Which steps to follow?

1. Create an account on 💻

If you haven't already, create a FREE account on Phantombuster. Our service will browse the web for you. It’s a website automator which runs in the cloud. Once done we'll follow up.

2. Use this API on your account.👌

Now that you're connected to Phantombuster, Click on the following button (it will open a new tab).

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Easy & safe authentication

This automation will connect to Instagram on your behalf. The safest and most efficient way for Phantombuster to authenticate as yourself is by using your session cookies.

To make that process as easy as possible you can use Phantombuster's browser extension. It's a 2-click installation.

If you're operating from another browser and/or want to do it manually, here is how to do it.

5. Add a Google Spreadsheet 📑

Below your session cookie you’ll find Spreadsheet URL.

Enter in the text field a link of a Google Spreadsheet with this same format (only column A is mandatory):

Your spreadsheet should contain a list of Instagram Posts URLs (one link per row).
You can specify the name of the column that contains the post links. Simply enter the column name in the next text field.

Please make sure your file is publicly accessible!

You can also enter a single Instagram post URL directly in the field.

6. Your list of comments

You'll need to specify a list of comments in your input spreadsheet. To do so, choose an empty column, name it (by writing comments for example in the first row of the column). Then on the rows belows, write each comment, one by line.

Once you're done, get back to Phantombuster and let it know how you called that column.

Click on Launch & Enjoy!

Ready? Now click on "launch" to try your script!

⚙️️Repetition setup ⚙️

Once your automation is fully set up, you can program repetitive launches. That way, your auto-commenting will be spread over days, weeks or even months.

To do so, simply hit the “Settings” button to define when your API is launched:

Then, select a frequency:

Don't forget to click 💾 Save at the bottom of the page!


This API will output CSV and/or JSON containing the following fields:

  • message (Message sent)

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