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Auto Endorse skills of your LinkedIn contacts

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Show some love and get visible

You might have hundreds or thousands of LinkedIn connection but how do you interact with all of them? We're always grateful when someone stopping by our profile takes time to certify that we're qualified in the first 3 skills we show up front.

Be proactive and get noticed by your 1st-degree connections.

❤️ Automation

This is what our API will do on each profile you choose

What will you need? ⚙️

  • Session cookie: Your session Cookie from LinkedIn.
  • Spreadsheet URL: The link of a Google Spreadsheet with LinkedIn profile URLs in it.
  • Number endorsed profiles per launch: How many (between 1 and 10) profiles will get endorsed per launch

Which steps to follow?

1. Create an account on 💻

If you haven't already, create a FREE account on Phantombuster. Our service will browse the web for you. It’s a website automator which runs in the cloud. Once done we'll follow up.

2. Use this API on your account.👌

Now that you're connected to Phantombuster, Click on the following button (it will open a new tab).

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Linkedin authentication 🔑

Because the script will manipulate LinkedIn for you, it needs to be logged on your LinkedIn account. For that you just need to copy paste your session cookie in the script argument:

  • Using Chrome, go to your LinkedIn homepage and open the inspector
    → Right click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect”
    CMD+OPT+i on macOS
    F12 or CTRL+MAJ+i on Windows

  • Locate the “Application” tab

  • Select “Cookies” > “” on the left menu.

  • Locate the “li_at” cookie.

  • Copy what’s under “Value” (Double click on it then Ctrl+C) and paste it into your script Argument)

// How to access your cookies with Firefox and Safari//

5. Add a Google Spreadsheet 📑

Below your session cookie you’ll find Spreadsheet URL

Add in the Spreadsheet URL textbox the link of a Google Spreadsheet that looks like this (only the profile link column is mandatory) (Share option must be OPEN):

Add every linkedIn profiles link in column A (one link per row)

🔸 Reminder: Make surethe profile URLs are already 1st-degree connection, otherwise the API won't be able to endorse the 3 firsts skills.
🔹 Tips: To get a list of all your connections you can use: LinkedIn Followers Insights

Click on Launch & Enjoy!

It’s done! All that is left to do is to click on "launch" to try your script!

This will launch the bot and, if you didn't already change the spreadsheet URL, endorse Phantombuster's team for their first 3 skills (Oh Thank You 😇).

⚙️️Repetition setup ⚙️

Now that your API is ready, you just have to customize it to make it work repetitively.

Every time the API is launched, it will endorse the first 3 skills of up to 10 profiles and stop.

To do so, simply hit the “Settings” button to define when your API is launched.

Then, select a frequency:

Now that this is set, click 💾 Save at the bottom of the page.

There you go, you only have to wait for endorsement to be made for you!

Email discovery (optional)

Thanks to our friends at Hunter (an email discovery service), this API can guess the email of each profile it visits.

To use this feature, first create an account at Hunter here. Once done, get your Hunter API key by going to "Dashboard" > "API" > "Copy API key".

Paste your API key in the " API key" field in your API configuration. It will now guess the email of every visited profile! Expect a success rate between 20% and 50%.

Hunter gives you 100 free email guesses per month. After that, you'll have to buy one of their plans or wait a month.

Important note: When email discovery is enabled, the API will open LinkedIn company pages to get company domains. For this reason, we recommend you limit your visits to 40 profiles per day.

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