Chrome Extension Review Extractor

Scrape all the reviews or comments from extensions on the Chrome Web Store

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Scrape the comments on Chrome extensions and keep informed of your users feedback

Your users' feedback is vital but hard to gather exhaustively. This automation for the Google Chrom Web Store is part of our brand monitoring toolbox: It will fetch all the comments on your (or your competitor's) Chrome extension and extract them all to a spreadsheet.

The Chrome Extension Review Extractor automation is one of the automations necessary for a full brand or competition monitoring workflow. You can even plug it in a speech analysis software if you need to monitor high quantities of comments in a short time.

1. Create your account.

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2. Add this automation to your account.

3. Click on Configure me!

You'll now see the 3 configuration dots blinking. Click on them.

4. Let Phantombuster know which extension's comments you're into.

Create a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet.

Fill it with Chrome extension's URLs. One URL per row, all in column A.

Make this spreadsheet public so Phantombuster can access it.

Paste the spreadsheet's URL to Phantombuster.

Start your automation!

You're all set. Just click "launch" to get your automation started!

Set this automation on repeat

Once your automation's configuration is ready, you can schedule repetitive launches. This will allow you to avoid rate limits, scrape more data and get your automated workflows to spread over days, weeks, even months.

To do so, go to your dashboard and look for your automation's “Settings” button.

Then, select a frequency:

And Save those new settings at the bottom of the page.


This API will output CSV and/or JSON containing the following fields:

  • profileImg
  • name
  • profileLink (The Google+ link of the review author)
  • date (Time when the review was written/modified)
  • mark
  • review (The review content)
  • url (The Chrome Extension URL)

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